Clothespin Tag

Play clothespin tag with your children.

So you want to keep grandchildren busy after your Thanksgiving dinner. Or, you’ve got the grandchildren coming over to spend the afternoon.  Or possibly you need to find an activity to keep them busy at a family reunion or at a family picnic.

You want to try a new type of activity — one that is fun but doesn’t require lots of pre-preparation or lots of work to carry it out.

Here’s something that I think would fit the bill.  (And it can help use up all of the energy that is spilling out of your grandchildren!)

Clothespin Tag

The object is to be the last player with a clothespin still on your back.  This game is for at least 5 players.  The more the merrier.  Play this game outside unless you don’t mind getting your lamps broken and furniture knocked over . . .

To play, you need one clothespin for each player.  Clip the clothespin to the back of each player’s shirt. Then each player tries to steal the other players’ clothespins without letting anyone get her clothespin.  If your clothespin is taken by another player (or falls off when a player attempts to remove it), you’re out of the game.

The last player with a clothespin left on the back of her shirt is the winner.

Do any of you have fun variations of tag?  If so, please leave a comment and tell us what you have done that has been fun to do with your grandchildren.

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