Easter Bingo

Click here to get your free printable for Easter bingo!Kids love to play bingo! Especially when they get to eat their markers.

(Is there any other way to play bingo?)

I know how grandmas are always on the lookout for activities to do with their grandkiddos — especially around holidays.

So, I thought that I would make a free printable of an Easter bingo for y’all. (Aren’t I nice?)

Click here for the Easter bingo playing sheets. I have six different ones.

Click here for the calling sheet.

Here’s what you need to do.

First, print out a card for every grandchild that will be playing.

Next, give them a heapin’ hand o’ candy. Jelly beans work nice. (You need to give them a fair amount because some will get eaten during the game. And that’s a guarantee!)

Print out the calling sheet. Select one player to be the caller. Give him the card and a handful of candy, too.

The caller will call out one of the items on the calling sheet. She will place a jelly bean over it so she knows that she has called it.

The players put a jelly bean over that item on their card.

Elliot has to check out what I called to make sure he covers the correct thing!

Get your free printable for Easter bingo!

Now, it looks like 18 month-old Polly is actually playing. She is not. Not. At. All.

She is consuming her player pieces. Here, she is demanding more jelly beans. (She got really adamant! And, when I told her she had had enough jelly beans, she got her knickers in a twist! Was not happy. Not. At. All.)

Get your free printable for Easter bingo!

Of course, when someone has 5 jelly beans in a row, they call out bingo!

You can have some inexpensive items to choose from for their prize. (I just let the grandkids eat another jelly bean and that kept them really happy!)

You can continue to play until everybody has filled in their sheet for blackout. (You can have a special prize for blackout, too, if you want.)

After a while, I had to switch to different markers. The kiddos were eating WAY too much candy. While they were in seventh heaven, I didn’t think their parents would be too thrilled . . .

Have fun playing Easter bingo with your grandkids!

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