New Year’s Eve Party for Grandchildren

Last minute New Year's Eve party ideas for kids.

Need some last minute, easy activities for a family New Year’s Eve party?  I thought of one (the lights, camera, action one) and found two on the Family Fun site.  Hope these help you in your party planning.  (You might be interested in my Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Grandchildren that I wrote last year.)

Lights, Camera, Action. If you have a video camera, divide family members into teams and give them 15 minutes to write a script for a skit.  Give them a few minutes to practice it.  Then, have the group ‘perform’ in front of the others and film it with your video camera.  After each group has been filmed, hook your camera up to your TV and watch the skits.  Everybody will love watching themselves in their Oscar winning performance!

Make a Midnight Balloon Shower. Get a drawstring trash bag. fill with balloons and hang upside down. At midnight, loosen the ties and let the balloons fall!

Around the Clock. Have your grandkids paint their faces white with face paint. Draw black clock hands (using face paint) on their face. Get brown paper bags and number them for the hours until midnight. So, if your party started at 9:00 p.m., you would have a sack numbered 10:00, one numbered 11:00 and one numbered 12:00. Write on a piece of paper an activity such as play charades, dance the funky chicken, or play a board game. Put a slip in each bag. Then, on the hour open up the corresponding bag and do the activity listed on the piece of paper.

Hope you have a great time ringing in the new year!

(Since my husband is on call and our friends are partying in with their own families, we’ll be spending a quiet time at home.  By ourselves.  ROCKIN’ OUT WITH THE BEATLES’ ROCK BAND!  Can’t get any better than that . . .)

Thanks for sharing!

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