Thanksgiving Twister for Grandchildren

Play Thanksgiving Twister with your family after your Thanksgiving dinner. Free printable.My kids enjoyed playing Twister when they were growing up.

Sheesh, I enjoyed it, too.

Which got me thinking.

How could I turn Twister into a Thanksgiving Twister. (Cue sound track from Jeopardy.)

Ta da! It didn’t take me long to come up with an idea. Why not replace the colored circles with Thanksgiving pictures? Why not indeed!

I got a bunch of Thanksgiving clip art. I’m going to print some up and tape them over the colored square.  For example, I have a picture of a turkey, pumpkin, pilgrims, and Native American Indians (and a few other pictures).

I’ll print up enough turkeys for all of the green circles, enough pumpkins to go on the yellow ones, enough pilgrims to go on the red circles, and enough Native American Indians to go on the blue ones.

Then, when someone uses the spinner, it would be ‘left hand’ on the ‘turkey.’ Get the idea?

This is what I plan on doing this Thanksgiving.  Do you think my grandchildren that are 3 years old and younger will understand how to play it?  Or should I get their parents to play it?

In case you think this is a fabulous idea (you DO think it is fabulous, don’t you??), here is a PDF file of the pictures that I’m going to be using. Feel free to download it and using it for your Thanksgiving Twister, too.