Halloween Dice Games

These Halloween dice games are perfect for your family party. Easy and inexpensive!We are going to have a family Halloween party on Saturday. We will play these Halloween dice games.

They are super easy to prepare for and inexpensive to make. That’s right up my alley!

There are several sets of these games. There is this cute little Frankenstein, a pumpkin, a witch, and a ghost.

Each comes in 2 versions — one where you only need one dice and one where you use two.

Use the one dice version for kids that are learning to count. Use the two dice version for kids that are learning to add.

The nice thing about these games is that adults can easily play along with kids because it’s all a matter of luck in what you roll. Kids and adults are all on the same level.

Here are pictures of the other games so that you can get an idea of what they look like.

Here’s the little ghost.

These Halloween dice games are perfect for your family party. Easy and inexpensive!

The witch.

These Halloween dice games are perfect for your family party. Easy and inexpensive!

The pumpkin.

These Halloween dice games are perfect for your family party. Easy and inexpensive!

Here is how you play the dice games.

Print up a copy of the game and give to each player. If you are using the game with numbers 1-12 use the ‘doubles’ version of the dice and use two dice.

Select someone to be the first player.

That person rolls the dice. She crosses off the paper the number that she rolled. Let’s say she rolled a two. She looks at her sheet, finds a number two, and puts an X through it.

The player to her left rolls the dice and crosses the number off her paper that she rolled.

As play continues, it gets a little tricky. Say that you rolled a three but all of the threes on your paper are already crossed off.

Sorry Charlie! Too bad. You don’t get to cross anything off.

And, that is the end of your turn. Pass the dice to the next person.

Play continues until someone has all of the numbers crossed off their sheet. The first person to cross out all of their numbers is the winner.

Here are links to the game sheets:

Frankenstein Dice Game – one dice

Frankenstein Dice Game – two dice

Ghost Dice Game – one dice

Ghost Dice Game – two dice

Pumpkin Dice Game – one dice

Pumpkin Dice Game – two dice

Witch Dice Game – one dice

Witch Dice Game – two dice

I was on the Fox 13 TV show called The Place and demonstrated several Halloween treats that don’t require any baking. They would be easy treats to fix and serve at your Halloween party with your grandkids!

Hope your family Halloween party is tons of fun.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Dice Games

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    I’ve changed the 1 on the doubles game to a different number. I also noticed another problem. I created the pumpkin game first. I copied those directions and pasted in to the other games — without changing the word pumpkin to the appropriate picture of witch, Frankenstein, or ghost. I changed those words, too. Thanks so much for bringing the error to my attention!!

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Oh I am so embarrassed! That never crossed my mind! I’ll fix that and then send you an updated one. Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention.

  • Mary Lou

    Love your games………..glad I still have 2 more days in the month to use them. Question on the 2 dice games…..you have the number 1 on the game sheets………do you use a dice with a 0 on it? I just changed the one to another number because with regular dice the lowest number that should be on the games is 2 (1+1). Thanks! Mary Lou

  • Teresa

    That’s wonderful that you were on Fox 13 TV. You’ll be a real pro at TV appearances before you know it!!

    The one dice version of these games looks like it would be perfect for my grandchildren. They’ll be here Thursday, so I’ll print these up and have them ready to go. Thanks for sharing them!

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