Halloween Party Ideas for Grandchildren

Here are 5 unique Halloween games to play at a family Halloween partyAre you having a Halloween party for your grandchildren? Need a few ideas of activities to do? Here are some that easy to prepare forĀ  and cheap to do. (That’s my kind of activity!)

Make sure you adapt them to fit the age of your grandchildren and your circumstances.

Digital Scavenger Hunt.
If you have more than five grandchildren coming over for a party, you might want to divide them into two groups for this activity and have grandpa be with one group. Write up a list of things that each group is required to do. (It’s best to either have different lists so the groups are not doing the same things at the same time. Or, put the activities in a different order.) Give each group the list and a digital camera — or cell phone with a camera. They need to perform each activity on the list and take a picture of the group doing the activity. The first group back to grandma’s house is the winner. Afterwards, have fun looking at the other group’s photos.

Example activities for the lists: Standing in the candy aisle in a grocery store with each team member holding a bag of candy. Holding or standing around a pumpkin on your front step. Trick or treating. (Make prearrangements with a friend to let your grandchildren do this at her home.) Sitting on a park bench (or an appropriate place) painting their fingernails black. Dancing in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Build a Scarecrow.
Have a variety of old clothes, hats, gloves, old pillowcases, newspapers, string, and markers. Divide the grandchildren into teams. Give them 15 minutes to build a scarecrow.

Candy Corn Toss. Divide your grandchildren into two teams. Give each person 20 pieces of candy corn. Place a plastic pumpkin (the kind stores sell for trick or treating) about 10 feet away. Have the grandchildren toss their candy corn into the plastic pumpkin. The team that has the most candy pieces inside their pumpkin is the winner.

Halloween Pictionary. Write Halloween words or phrases or activities on slips of paper. Divide into two teams and play Pictionary using the Halloween words.

Pumpkin Bowling. For this activity, you need old plastic drinking glasses. If you don’t have some that you don’t care about, purchase six plastic ones from your local dollar store. To play, set them up in a triangle form (like bowling pins are) with a row of 3 glasses, then 2, and then one. Place them fairly close together. Get a small pumpkin. Have your grandchildren take turns rolling the small pumpkin trying to knock over the glasses.

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