Halloween Party with Grandchildren

Here are fun non-scary ideas for a Halloween party for kids.(Dear Readers, I do apologize for all of the crazy question marks that were in my last newsletter. The newsletter service that I use must have had goblins in it because I do not have a clue as to what happened! Just call me Clueless Granny . . . )

For theĀ  last two years, I have had a Halloween party for my grandchildren. (That was the age that I felt that they were old enough for the activities and crafts that I wanted to do with them.)

We held our party last Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day for such a grand party!

It ended up having a ghost theme. (I really did not plan it that way. Really. I did not!)

Two grandchildren wore ghost costumes. The other two were Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. What a challenge to get them all to hold still at the same time!

costumes on Grandma Ideas

They made cotton ball ghosts. Using a white crayon, I drew a ghost shape on a piece of black construction paper. The grandchickabiddies stretched out cotton balls and glued them onto the construction paper.
cottonball ghosts on Grandma Ideas
cottonball ghosts on Grandma Ideas

While it might be a challenge for someone to recognize their end product as a ghost, the kiddos had fun making them.
cottonball ghosts on Grandma Ideas

We made more ghosts by wadding up some material into a ball, covering it with more fabric, tying a string around it to create the head of the ghost, and then drawing a face on it.
floating ghost on Grandma Ideas

We made more ghosts out of empty toilet paper rolls.

more ghosts on Grandma Ideas

I cut out pieces of white construction paper that fit around an empty toilet paper tube. The grandkids taped the paper on the tube.

Then, they drew a face on their ghost. I cut crepe paper streamers that the kiddos taped around the bottom of the tube. What an easy craft for them to do!

However, I think the flying ghosts were the hit of the party. (At least I had a riot. I think the grandkids enjoyed them, too!)

I ordered white plastic film canisters from Amazon. (You might be able to find these at a local craft store. I did not check it out. It was much easier for me to just order them online. Lazy bones, eh?)

I drew ghost faces on them and gave each grandchild a canister.

flying ghosts on Grandma Ideas

(Please, I ask you, Dear Reader, why in the world didn’t I move the garden hose out of the way? Shesh!)

Then, I broke an Alka Seltzer tablet in half. I put one half piece in the canister with a little bit of water. I hurriedly snapped on the lid. The grandchild put the ghost canister on the ground with the cap side down.

Then we waited for the magic to happen.

The Alka Seltzer started bubbling, bubbling, bubbling. The pressure built up until — POP! The canister flew into the air leaving the cap on the ground.

The ghosts flew over 20 feet high. It was so fun to watch them fly up and then crash to the ground.

flying ghosts on Grandma Ideas

Do you know how hard it is to capture an exploding film canister as it shoots into the sky? That’s why I don’t have any pictures of it. Just some of the grandkids waiting for the ghosts to take flight.

While it would have been fun to have a ghost themed treat, I didn’t make any.

I made pumpkin pudding.

pumpkin pudding on Grandma Ideas

I simply made instant vanilla pudding. Since it is yellow in color, I added a few drops of red food coloring until I got the desired orange color.

I drew pumpkin faces on clear plastic cups and put the pudding in the cups. Since the grandchildren don’t eat an awful lot, I only filled the cups half full of pudding. (For adults, you could fill the cup to the top.) Even though the cup was only half full, I was still pleased as punch at how they turned out.

Then, I made spiders.

I got round pretzels, Skittle candies, and mini chocolate frosted donuts.

spiders treats on Grandma Ideas

I carefully cut the pretzels into pieces for the legs. (Use a sharp knife instead of a butter knife. It works better.) Push the pretzel pieces into the donut to form the legs.


Push the Skittle candies in the donut to make the eyes.


Serve your spiders to your little guests. They will love them! (The adults will, too.)

spooky spider treats on Grandma ideas