Shamrock in a Bowl Game

The Shamrock in a bowl game is a challenging game to play at a St. Patrick's Day party with your kids.Here is a St. Patrick’s Day game that is easy to prepare for and fun to play.

I made it up! All by myself.

I call it Shamrock in a Bowl. (But, you’ll notice in the pictures, we used a paper plate. I thought that a flat plate would be easier to use while the grandkids were learning how to play the game.)

Spencer’s doing a great job picking up the shamrocks!shamrock_game1

Kaylissa has gold coins and shamrocks in her ‘bowl.’

Boy, picking up the biggest shamrock is really, really hard!
The Shamrock in a bowl game is a challenging game to play at a St. Patrick's Day party.

Print off the shamrocks and coins PDF file that I have created for you. Print the shamrocks on green paper and the gold coins on white or yellow paper.

Scatter the coins and shamrocks around the table. Give each grandchild a straw. When you say, “Go!” your grandchildren try to get as many shamrocks and gold coins as they can in their bowl (or on their plate) by sucking in through their straw, picking up the shamrock, and dropping the shamrock on their plate.

When all of the shamrocks and coins have been picked up, count to see who has the most shamrocks and coins on their plate. That person is the winner.

You can play a variation of this game for school-aged grandchildren. There are two sizes of shamrocks. Assign one point for the small sized ones and two points per shamrock for the larger ones. Then, add up the points of the shamrocks and on the coins when all of them have been picked up. The grandchild with the most points wins.

There is a pattern for a large shamrock. You could assign 10 points to that shamrock. If a grandchild is able to suck it up with the straw and move it to his plate, he gets 10 points. If he can’t do it by himself, he can team up with another grandchild. If they succeed in moving it to a plate, they both get 5 points.

Another variation is to hand out the same amount of shamrocks and gold coins to all of your grandchildren. The winner is the first grandchild to get all of this shamrocks and coins in his bowl.

Here’s a little video demonstrating how to play the game.

After Grandma Denise read about the Shamrock Dice game, she shared one of the things that she does with her grandchildren. She wrote, “We serve a pot ‘o gold for dinner — chicken nuggets and tater tots cooked and then served in a good old dutch oven with a rainbow of crepe paper cascading from the window, over the light fixture to add arch.”

That’s a great idea!! Thanks Grandma Denise for sharing that.

3 thoughts on “Shamrock in a Bowl Game

  • Marcia Field

    Ok, so after I printed yours, I realized that I would need to throw in some 3-leaf clovers in order to play my game!

  • Marcia Field

    This game sounds like so much fun. I thought of another variation. Make some four-leaf clovers to add to the shamrocks. Arrange the shamrocks on the table in front of the child. Blindfold one of the children and have him/her suck-up as many of them as they can in a specified time (2 -3 minutes). Then they take the blindfold off, and for every 4-leaf clover they have collected, they get to choose a prize from the prize box. (Penny Candy). Then rotate through the other children. This would probably be fun for school age children.

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