Soap Carving Patterns for Grandchildren

Here are 4 simple patterns for carving soap.Here it is folks!  I  have soap carving patterns for you on Thursday instead of Friday like I said I would do.  (So what if it’s going to be Friday in 30 minutes?  I’m 30 minutes early!)

It’s been quite the convoluted process to get these patterns into a pdf file.  I won’t bore you with the technical challenges I had.  Suffice it to say that they are finished and they are uploaded here for your carving pleasure.  There was probably an easier way — but I just couldn’t figure it out.  (Maybe my brain was just too tired tonight to figure things out.)  Oh well.

Here’s the first set of 4 soap carving patterns.

Here’s the second set of 4 soap carving patterns.

Here’s what I recommend.  Print up the patterns.  Cut them out.  Using a knife, trace the outline into a bar of Ivory soap.  (Ivory soap is the brand that is the easiest to carve.)  Carve out the figure.  If there are details, shallow carve them in.  Ta da!  You have a soap carving — and probably a huge heap o’ soap shavings . . .

But, wasn’t it fun?

What happens if I come back later and want to print out the patterns?  How in the world will I ever find them? you ask.

Good question.  You’ll notice that on the right side of my site underneath the search box, there is a list of pages on my site.  Do you see the word ‘freebies?’  If you click on that, it will take you to the page where I have all of the fabulous free things for my dear readers.  At the moment, there are only these two patterns.  I hope to have more free things to share with y’all in the future.

Happy soap carving with your grandchildren!

8 thoughts on “Soap Carving Patterns for Grandchildren

  • Catherina Price

    I am helping our teacher Matthew Swann, that is teaching Whittling and wood working for our College of Cub Scouting here in the Great Salt Lake Council. in Salt Lake City, Utah, on NOV 14th, 2015. This is a training for Cub Scout Leaders but we are providing a Website that connect Leaders to see the websites where we got our information. I would like to create a link to your Blog of your whittling instructions. May I please have your permission? to post this to our Resource Library so Other Cub Scout Leaders can find you and your darling drawings?
    Thank you,
    Cathy Price
    Dean of the College of Cub Scouting 2015
    “Adventures for Life”

  • Anjie B.

    Hi! Thanks for the carving patterns- I’m doing the same as Edith and printing them for my Cub Scout Den this week. 🙂

  • Edith Conrad

    I am preparing to help our cub scout den do soap carving.When I click on th patterns I get an empty page.

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