Easy Mod Podge Alphabet Magnets

These mod podge alphabet magnets are easy to make -- and tween and teen girls really love them!Remember the summer reading challenge that I wrote about a week-and-a-half ago?

I’ve got a ‘companion’ craft that goes along with it. Your tween and teen-aged granddaughters will really enjoy making it.

I call it my easy-cheap-quick-Mod-Podge-alphabet-magnets-that-your-tween-or-teen-granddaughters-will-love-to-craft craft. . . or Mod Podge alphabet magnets for short. 🙂

They are easy and inexpensive to make. You can be finished in 15 minutes or less (depending on how many letters you make).

Here are the things that you will need:

alphabet magnet letters (I got mine at the dollar store)
scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
foam brush

In less than 15 minutes, you can make these cute alphabet magnet letters. Fun!

First, pick out the letters that you will need for the word that you want to spell. Place the letter face down on the back side of the scrap book paper. Trace around the letter.Mod Podge alphabet magnets are a quick and easy craft for kids to make.

Next, cut out the letter.Have fun making these easy-to-make Mod Podge alphabet magnets.

Then, using your foam paint brush, spread Mod Podge on the front side of the letter.Whip up these Mod Podge alphabet magnets in not time at all.

Take the letter that you cut out of the scrap book paper and place it face up on the alphabet magnet. Press the paper really good onto the magnet.
Grils will love making these Mod Podge magnets.

Spread a coat of Mod Podge on top and set the magnet aside to dry.
You can make these Mod Podge alphabet magnets in less than 15 minutes.

Ta da! That’s it. You’re finished. See. I told you these little alphabet magnets were easy to make.

Lemme share just a little bit that I learned while making these. If your granddaughter’s tracing and cutting isn’t really accurate, the color of the magnet could show around the edges where the scapbook paper doesn’t cover it. You could paint the edges and top of the magnet a coordinating color. That way the bright original color of the magnet won’t show.

Be careful how much Mod Podge you spread on. You don’t want it gooped up around the edges of the magnet. That won’t look cool when it dries.

I decided to make Mod Podge alphabet magnets for the word ‘read.’ Here’s a close-up of the magnets on my fridge — holding up the print out of my summer reading challenge. (Can you tell that the scrapbook paper I used has little hearts on it?)
Create fun words using Mod Podge alphabet magnets.
This is what it looks like from a distance.
You can use Mod Podge alphabet magnets on your fridge.
(By the way, see that school picture of my grandson? Isn’t his little smile cute as a button? Oh, and see those heart magnets holding his picture to the fridge? Remember when I explained how to make them way back around Valentine’s Day? Heart magnets to match the heart paper on the Mod Podge magnets. Is that good coordination, or what?)

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Now, let me give you some ideas about how to use these little magnets.

Of course your granddaughter can use them as magnets on her fridge at home. (Or she can leave them on your fridge and arrange them and play with them when she visits you.)

She can use them in her locker at school to hold notes or pictures.

She can use them to spell out the name of her school or school mascot.

She can give them as a birthday or Christmas present to a friend. (Whose thinking about Christmas when it’s 102 degrees outside, huh? However, there are only 181 shopping days until Christmas. Thought you’d like to know . . . )

She can give them to a younger sibling who is just learning his ABCs.

She can take them and a smallish cookie sheet and play with them while she’s on a road trip with her family.

She can use them to spell random words (kindness, love, hi, ‘you are cool’, siblings’ names) and leave them in random places around her home — on filing cabinets in her parents office. on computers, lights, metal picture frames. She will probably have to Mod Podge 2-3 sets to that she can have enough letters.

She could cover them with paper that matches an upcoming holiday. Then she could spell out the holiday’s name on her family’s fridge. That makes them a holiday decoration.

Have a wonderful time making these magnets with your granddaughters!

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