Stained Glass Votive to Make with Grandchildren

Kids love making these stained glass votives.Maybe it’s the crispness in the air that proclaims fall is here.

Maybe it’s that I am only doing one job at work now. (I got a new job with a different department and for the month of September I was doing two jobs — the old one and the new one.)

Maybe it’s that guilt has finally kicked in and made me totally embarrassed.

If you voted for guilt, you’d be absolutely right.

Back in May (for Mother’s Day), my wonderful daughter gave me some paper punches. I was thrilled because I wanted to make a stained glass votive candle holder using tissue paper.

Well, that was five months ago. Shame on me for taking so long at using the gift my daughter gave me.

This votive is easy peasy to make — and your grandchildren would absolutely love making a flock of them.

To make them, you will need a glass votive holder. I went to the local thrift store and got two. For the third one I, I used an empty salsa bottle.

Then you’ll need a paper punch, Matte Finish Mod Podge, tissue paper and a small paintbrush. (I used the matte finish because it made the candle holder look somewhat ‘frosted.’)


Cut out a bunch of shapes with your paper punch. You can use a single color of tissue paper or any color combination that floats your boat.

votive 2

When you have a nice pile, brush Mod Podge on your votive holder. Place your tissue paper shapes on your container and gently brush Mod Podge over the shape. (Tissue paper is thin and tears easily so be very careful as you are placing your shapes on your votive holder.)
votive 3

When you have all of the tissue shapes on your votive holder that you want, brush on a top coat of Mod Podge. Your brush strokes will be noticeable so make nice, even strokes.

votive 4

After you brushed on a nice top coat of Mod Podge, let your votive holder dry for about an hour. Then, you can put in a battery powered votive candle and enjoy the wonderful ambiance from your beautiful stained glass votive.

votive 5

I made three candle holders. On one, I put only star shapes. On another one, I put only flowers. On the third, I used both flowers and stars. Here’s what the finished products looks like. (I was rather pleases with how they turned out!)
votive 6

I think that I’ll tie a ribbon around the top of the salsa bottle to hide where the lid screws on.

Psst . . . Christmas is right around the corner and it will be here before you know it. You could make some of these for your granddaughters. Or, you could help your grandchildren make some for their school teacher, for friends, or their mother.

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